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(2 Kings 4:16-17) The story of the Shunammite woman teaches us vital lessons, one of which is that givers will always secure heavens' attention. When you meet God's needs He will also meet your needs supernaturally and promptly. The Shunammite woman took care of Elisha time and again. She demonstrated uncommon commitment to ensuring that the man of God - Elisha was well catered for at all times. And so one day, the Spirit of God told Elisha to ask this woman what she needed. She said she needed nothing but the man of God discovered that she had no child and he prophesied that she would have a baby within nine months. God's word through Elisha was fulfilled and the Shunammite woman became a mother within nine months.


is a mark of disrespect and dishonour to be capable of fulfilling one's vows yet refuse to. When you vow to God over something, do not delay in paying it. There are several Christians who have pending vows and have triggered famine for themselves. This could be why many are working like an elephant but returning home with the harvest of an ant. Vow-breaking is fast destroying the harvest of many who unknowingly accuse witches or enemies somewhere. Job 22:27 says “Thou shall make thy prayer unto Him, and He shall hear thee, and thou shall pay thy vows” God would want you to be a giver rather than vow defaulter Make up your mind this New Year to be a giver; God will help you in Jesus name.