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Divine encounters come in different ways but one of the most outstanding forms is when God decides to pay you a visit by Himself. Wherever the king goes, doors open to Him. Psalm 24:7 says, “lift up your heads,0 ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in” Whenever the King of kings wants to come on a visit to His own, He comes in without knocking on the door because He is the DOOR. After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the disciples were assembled in a room one day. With the door shut, Jesus suddenly appeared in their midst without knocking or passing through the door. Being the original door He does not need the permission of any door to give passage. Doors- not some but all open unto Him of their own volition. This is why you need God’s personal visitation When He comes to you, all the doors of progress, success, growth, opportunities, enlargement, etc. that have refused to open to you, will be compelled to open to Him and in the process, they will remain open to you. This New Year, all good doors that are shut against you shall open to you in Jesus name.