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When the Lord Jesus would heal the man at the Bethesda recorded in John 5:2-9, He said, Rise! This tells us that God rules by decrees. Thank God that He is not democrat. If God were to consult your friends before saving, healing or blessing you, their feedback might have stopped Him. How many people want their friends to join the club of billionaires while they are still living in penury? Not many! And because God rules by decrees, He does not ask if the unpleasant situation is ready to let you go. He simply commands it to go. The Bible says in Psalm 33:9 “For He spake, and it was done; He commended and it stood fast” When God commands, it is down. When He says rise, nothing and nobody can keep you down. When He says let there be light, no darkness can prevent the light from coming to be. Today, the Lord is saying this to you: Arise, Get up from that wheel chair. The Lord is saying Arise from obscurity! Get up from sorrow and shame. Rise up from your down trodden position! It is season of joy. 2016 will favour you in the name of Jesus