Ecclesiastes 9:16 says wisdom is more preferable than strength. The elders say, the one with strength but lacks wisdom is worse than the laziest fellow. Anointing without wisdom can be counter-productive. As a believer, you must let wisdom control all you do. When you expect God to act in a particular way but He doesn't, do not fault Him; it could be because He is allowing His wisdom to control His power.The bible says in Psalm 62:11 “God has spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God” Power is God's personal property. When it appears God has failed to meet with your expectations, do not lose faith in Him, He is still in control being the All-wise God. Even when such expectations are delayed, they will not be denied. God's wisdom puts in place what should be done in its proper position, timing and perspective in a way as to receive maximum benefits for both the person in question and God. God's wisdom guarantees mutual satisfaction of human and divine needs. God knows the best time to give you that desire. The time you consider best may not be so after all. Do you employ wisdom in the use of the power in your custody? Do you accept God's decision on when, where and how your request is delivered to you? Ask God for more wisdom today.