Isaiah 9:6 says God is the Prince of Peace. Peace could mean any of these: it could be the absence of war.Peace can also be the absence of a storm. Peace could also be the absence of danger You can fight human enemies but a storm is difficult to fight. As advance as America is in technology, they cannot easily calm a storm. But there is someone who will say “Peace and the storm and the will obey. The type of blessing that will overflow to those around you, including people in your town or village will locate you this year in Jesus Name. That is your portion from now.Proverbs 16:7 says when a man’s ways please the LORD He make even his enemies to be at peace with him It is when blessings are insufficient that you refuse to share. If you have only one loaf of bread for the whole day, and as you are about to eat half of it, your friend comes knocking at the door, what will you do? Before most people would open the door, they would first tuck the bread under the bed or somewhere their visitor would not find it. But if your freezer and store are loaded with all good things, when somebody knocks, you will open without hesitation. Today, Jesus is speaking peace to every storm in life in Jesus name