Luke 15:14-16. The prodigal son took up the job of feeding swine. Yet, in spite of his hard work, his employer refused to feed him. Satan is a terrible task master. If you go to him in time of trouble, he will worsen your lot. One thing is certain: you cannot go to Satan or his agent and allow him to rule over your life without leaving worse and counting more losses.
Verse 16 says “And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat; and no man gave unto him”. When Satan takes over your life, he will use you without reward. He will torment the fellow with fear and threats. He will make promises that he will not keep. And if one is bold enough to challenge him for breaking his covenant, he could destroy the fellow. If you visit Satan or his agent with one problem, you may leave with 10. All the time the prodigal son was feeding swine, he was not himself. He was out of his mind. It could be said that those under Satan's government are in a class of madness. Why would a woman who out of fear runs to witch-doctors to protect her child, eventually donates the child as food to those who should have protected her? Only madness explains this. Before the prodigal son could think clearly, he had to come to himself. When he returned to his father another government divine government began.