One thing we learn from this is that how you relate with God after He shows you His plan for your life will determine whether that plan will materialize or not. If you want God to fulfill His beautiful plan for your life, you must not dishonour God, despise Him or violate His Word. It will rock your boat! If you fail to honour God with your substance or to give Him all the glory for every good thing you achieve in life, it will affect you. If you fail to take His Word and warnings seriously, you can never get to His planned destiny for your life. The Bible says in 1 Sam. 2:30 “……. for them that honour me I will honour,….” If you honour God, He will honour you. Another victim of this was Moses. At the mountain of God's presence, he saw the Promised Land. He saw the end of his labourious journey. He saw the fullness of His joy yet because he failed to honour God, He missed it. There is a spirit of seeing but not possessing. Every mission of such spirit in your life is terminated now in Jesus Name. You will see and possess your possessions. How many of the glorious future goals have you wasted? Stop this today! Recover your future from God and pursue it with your life.